Utility Safety Technologies has a variety of tools and safety products.

Multi-Use Technical Tool M.U.T.T.

UST provides a permanent Multi-Use Technical Tool (M.U.T.T.) that is simple in installation on almost any structure or equipment found in the utility industry. Install the M.U.T.T. onto an existing 5/8″ or larger bolt and you are ready to start utilizing the best tool on the market today. Hoist, rig, secure, support, rescue and safety are just some of the uses of the M.U.T.T.. The M.U.T.T. is rugged in design and will withstand environmental abuse and decades of use including fall protection.

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Rescue M.U.T.T.

The Rescue M.U.T.T.’s ease of installation, versatility and ability to be placed at any location on the pole make it a required tool for fall protection rescue operations or any emergency situation. Simply installed using 2 industry standard Kortick style pound in anchor bolts create an OSHA compliant, 5,000 pound rated anchor point. The Rescue M.U.T.T. was designed and built for emergency rescue and fall protection in mind.

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Roof M.U.T.T.

The Roof M.U.T.T. is designed to maximize safety on metal frame roof structures. It acts as a fall arrest anchor point from which workers can tie off to maximize their safety in all situations including when the roof is slippery due to rain, snow or ice.

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